Serving up love to the jewish community in need


Craig's Pantry was founded by Craig Lamm.  A successful business entrepreneur, when Craig learned about the number of Jews in Broward County who were food-insecure, he became determined to solve this problem.  "So many of us have the ability to make a difference," says Craig who was heartbroken to  learn that many of Broward Country's Holocaust survivors can't afford to buy groceries. "Broward County has one of the largest communities of Holocaust survivors in the world.  We owe it to these people to make certain that they live out their days with dignity and respect."  While Craig's initiative began with feeding these survivors, he quickly learned that food-insecurity affected many others in the Broward Jewish community, including home-bound seniors, those with special needs and/or disabilities and victims of domestic abuse.  "There is an extremely large, vibrant Jewish population in Broward County.  Most of us have the means to feed our brothers and sisters who can't, for various reasons, afford to stock their kitchens with food," says Craig.  Craig began to help the hungry by working with another local social service agency and received accolades and a prestigious award for his dedication and commitment.  But, he felt he could do more and, so, he created Craig's Pantry.  He secured a facility in the heart of Broward County, got to know the manager of the Publix supermarket down the street from this facility and, with his own funds, began to stock what would become Craig's Pantry. Within no time, people were calling and showing up at the pantry for help and support. Whether you become a client of, or volunteer at Craig's Pantry, you will meet Craig.  He runs every aspect of this incredible organization.  Craig believes in his heart that food is love and love is passion.  Wait until you experience Craig's passion!  He is changing the world.